The cold. A slight breeze. The glow from countless LEDs fueling the ambient white of the street. The reflections in the puddles never materielizing into a semblance of some image. The sight of the razor brought all things into a stark reality; the smooth stroke, the easy line, the simple line of blood spread across the pavement. Within the bright of the street, the color was lost. The body slumps, and the razor has long since disappeared. The bustle and light of the street is untarnished by the hard violence that happens here.

This campaign is centered around a small group of chummers that have taken to making a life in the shadows of Seattle in 2073. The system used is Shadowrun 4th Edition, from the 20th Anniversary reprint. We are including several supplements and some homespun ideas, but the players have just as much input on this as the GM.


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