The Milk Run
Nothing is ever a milk run

The team heads to The Skeleton for a night on the town. Approached by Mr. Johnson for a rather high payday for a simple rerouting of a shipment. The offer is 10k for a delivery by morning, and 12k if delivered by 2AM. Mr. Johnson only wants the second truck. The first truck is not his business. They decide to pick up a bit of extra muscle for the run as well.

The team plans and sets the trap. The acquisition of the trucks is quick and painless, well for the team. There was a small escort, that wasn’t mentioned in the offer. Neither was the signal jammer in the first truck. The initial escape was flawless as well.

The team’s exit off the highway was blocked by a wreck; on the reroute a checkpoint was set up by KE. Bypassing the checkpoint and delivering the truck, the payment handed over and they pull away. The payment is double of the agreed on amount. It also has a tracer on the cred stick.

The first truck contained some rather high value cargo and with no one that knows what it is. They set about contacting Uncle Paulie about it. On meeting with Paulie and his doc friend, they realize that the cargo is bioware of some sort, but nothing that the doc has ever seen. A corporate team drops in on the team and confiscates the truck and the cargo.

Payment is separated within the team, debts paid to hired muscle, and all in all a successful run. Or was it?

Karma = 5
Payday = 24000


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